Reception Services

Your Company's Business Card

Not only the building but also your reception staff determines the first impression your facilities make. Reception staff require excellent staff qualification and skills and an impeccable appearance and good manners are a prerequisite. They also require legal knowledge, well developed communication skills, a confident manner, intuition, empathy and the ability to deal with unforeseen situations.

We understand that reception services are reflection of your company and its values. We tailor our services to the needs of your customers whether it is a hotel, residential facilities or an educational institute and we apply very high quality standards.

A friendly, competent reception makes a positive impression not only on your clients and guests but also on your employees - the expression of corporate culture day for day.

An overview of our services

  • Visitor reception
  • I.D. administration
  • Telephone services
  • Management of pool cars and car parks
  • Key holding and documentation
  • Management of technical equipment (e.g. projector, communications)
  • Conference administration
  • Mail services
Dussmann Gulf LLC
Abu Dhabi/ Dubai
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Initial and Further Training

Qualified and Motivated

Well-qualified personnel is a high priority. We offer a comprehensive program of initial and further training courses on a wide range of subjects.