Compliance and Integrity

Ethical business practice

The Dussmann Group does not tolerate corruption, unfair competitive practices or other breaches of legislation and has taken measures to prevent infringement of the law and to deal with any problems that arise.

Compliance is more than observance of the law and of internal regulations such as policies, procedural guidelines and process instructions; compliance rules our conduct, our decision making and our dealings in all of our business activities, worldwide and at all levels of company organization.

Compliance Management

Compliance is maintained in the activities of the Dussmann Group through compliance management. The program ensures observance of legislation and of internal principles and rules, and raises the awareness of all Dussmann employees for ethical business principles.

Notification of non-compliance

Are you aware of any violations of the Dussmann Code of Conduct or do you have suspicions? If you wish to report a violation, please contact your supervisor. Employees and external parties can also contact the compliance officer:

Jocelyn Simundo
Phone +971 2 644 4151
P. O. Box 106921, Al Khazna Tower, Najda St. | Abu Dhabi, UAE

Confidential whistleblower system

If you do not wish to use any of the local channels, you may contact the external, independent ombudsman. Jesko Trahms is bound to secrecy and passes information to the compliance department only with the express consent of the notifier. If requested, the notifier may remain anonymous.

Jesko Trahms
BDO Legal Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
Zielstattstraße 40, 81379 München, Germany
+49 89 74325-234