Staff Training

Consistent Training Guarantees Long-Term Success

We recognize that in a people intensive industry our employees are our most valuable asset.  To achieve consistent quality assurance in service delivery, Dussmann Service transfers to its staff the know-how, skills and abilities built up over more than 50 years of service provision. Staff training is carried out centrally at the company’s training center and combined with on-the-job training for specific and technical demands and legislation.

Our Dussmann Gulf LLC Training Academy presents real live scenarios, equipped with all kinds of room types and surfaces and prepares our multinational employees to deliver professional services. Our dedicated trainers continuously evaluate and improve training programs. Programs are designed to overcome language barriers using digital learning materials and a visual materials. 

Training includes quality, environment, health and safety management. Our certified quality management enables us to monitor the quality of our services in real time while using app-based software solutions complying with the norm DIN EN 13549 for quality measurement.

Code of Conduct

Shared Values

Our corporate culture promotes fairness and responsibility in day-to-day business operations.