Energy Optimization

The Dussmann EnergyCloud

Energy costs represent a significant proportion of the running costs of a building. Savings are possible, only if it is possible to identify how and where energy is consumed.

Dussmann EnergyCloud

We at Dussmann Gulf LLC can help: with the Dussmann EnergyCloud. The energy monitoring program registers all utility consumption in real time: electricity, water, heating and cooling. 

The Cloud is web-based and gives you access to all of the energy data for your building anywhere in the world at any time. We can identify precisely how, when and where energy is consumed on your property. We examine consumption fluctuations, identify energy waste and introduce corrective measures. 

Depending on the energy intensity of your activities, the savings potential of using the Dussmann EnergyCloud  could be anywhere between 5 and 38 percent.

The Benefits of Dussmann EnergyCloud at a glance:

  • fulfillment of the requirements of an energy monitoring system according to DIN ISO 50001
  • basis for ongoing control of energy consumption
  • benchmarking
  • lower energy costs and improved energy efficiency

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